Adaptability and flexibility, which solutions to adopt to allow your organization to navigate in a VUCA world: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous?

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What is the origin of Business Agility?

The biggest driver is the need for organizations to deliver Customer value sooner, safer, better by happier teams. Disruption of businesses that are not responsive or nimble is very real. 

Why Business Agility Explainer video

What is your definition of Business Agility?

  • The ability to adapt to change, learn and pivot, delivery at speed, and thrive (not survive) in a competitive market
  • Because…gone are the days when big eats small. Today fast is eating slow. The ability to learn and deliver faster than competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.

How can Business Agility help an organization?

Could you give us an example of Business Agility?

  • Designing teams for optimizing value

In summary, what are the benefits of Business Agility?

What are the requirements or prerequisites for an organization to deploy Business Agility?

  • AgilityHealth Enterprise Business Agility Model 
  • Focus on Customer Seat at the Table by adopting Discovery practices to validate needs before delivery.
  • Mature Lean Portfolio Management by shifting to outcome based planning using OKRs (3 years, 1 years and quarterly) and adopting lean finance.
  • Optimizing Organizational Structure & Team Design that supports the flow of value and eliminates dependencies.
  • Adopting the Agile Framework & Mindset standard throughout the organization
  • Enabling Leadership Agility & a Culture that embracing the New Ways Of Working
  • Sustainability, Continuous Improvement & Measurement 

What skills & qualities do teams need to have to embrace the Business Agility mindset?

  • Ability to learn, experiment and pivot quickly
  • Ability to deliver predictably
  • High focus on delivering value and outcomes not just outputs
  • High Customer engagement and continuous feedback
  • A culture of physiological safety, healthy communication and trust.

What do you think might limit team members from learning Business Agility?

  • Fixed mindset
  • Fear of change
  • Working in silos with no access to the voice of the customer

Speaking of “action”, could you tell us more about your approach or the key steps you used to bring companies towards more Business Agility?

  • It starts with awareness seminars and half day overview sessions for leaders
  • We then perform a baseline Enterprise Business Agility assessment and build a strategy and roadmap.
  • Certification and education of change leaders and EBA Strategist.
  • Based on the top priority pillars selected, we engage partners in delivering 12 week jump starts.
  • Jumpstart Your EBA Journey

Sally Elatta, CEO & Founder of AgiityHealth and Dawn Thiem, VP of Enterprise Business Agility at AgilityHealth

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