Alon Rozen and Martin Calnan

Alon Rozen

Dean, CEO, Professor of innovation Ecole des Ponts Business School

Martin Calnan

Director, Executive Education at École des Ponts Business School

"The Agile Flywheel: Leveraging Business Agility for Superior Performance"

Friday June 18th 10:15 - 10:45 am

Agile methods are no longer sufficient to drive performance. Especially if confined to the IT department.

Achieving transformational impact on a company or organization requires more than just implementing the latest agile tools and methods at the operational level.

It requires achieving true, organizational-wide business agility. However this implies moving beyond operational and organizational agility to engage leadership at all levels.

Join us for a thought-provoking journey on how leaders can prime their organization’s flywheel!

About the speakers

Alon Rozen is Dean, CEO and Prof. of Innovation at École des Ponts Business School. Alon’s expertise includes business modeling, lean innovation, business agility and the circular economy. Alon has notably developed his own framework of leaner innovation and dynamic business modeling. Alon recently co-authored with Martin Calnan an article on the different phases of ING’s agile transformation entitled: Teaching an elephant to race. This research and his recent foray into Adaptive Leadership inspired the idea of the Agile Flywheel that both authors are developing together and speaking about at this conference.
Martin Calnan is Director of Executive Education at Ecole des Ponts Business School. He has the enviable mission of creating new and transformative experiences for executives around the world. Martin is also deeply involved with the network of UNESCO Chairs on Futures Literacy, as well as collaborating closely as a partner institution with EIT Climate KIC in developing a methodology to support organizations and institutions in achieving organizational and systemic transformation. Martin and Alon recently co-authored an article on ING’s agile transformation: Teaching an elephant to race.