Audrey Bricout & Evan Campbell

Audrey Bricout

Business & Transformation Manager on the Exotic Fixed Income Activity. OKR champion for FIC department @Société Gérérale

Evan Campbell

Tech Exec, Entrepreneur, Management Consultant @Gtmhub

REX on OKR at Socgen : How to optimize your performance in a changing environment and even more challenging ?

Jeudi 17 Juin 16:15 - 16:45

Change has always been part of our day to day, this is the only certainty that we have, whatever it strikes our personal or professional life, it requires to get ready for that. Also change offers new opportunities and if you want to catch them, you need to be prepared.

Agile organization is now fully adopted for most companies and to go one step further OKR methodology is the perfect way to optimize our performance with an efficient organization where everyone is aligned to the same direction. Why OKR are a real game changer? Because changes are even more sudden, can be brutal and ask to regularly rethink our strategy.

We need to be able to anticipate the changes and to refocus on new objectives as fast as possible and the combo Agile&OKR is an enabler to achieve that.

At SocGen, we initiated the use of OKR by end of 2018 and we are still working to deploy them through the whole structure. It is quite challenging, especially for an international and thus a multicultural company but it’s definitely worth it!

About the speakers

Business Manager for Exotic activities within the MARK Fixed Income entity of Société Générale, Audrey has been evolving for more than 10 years in Corporate Banking, having had the opportunity to move through different functions among the support departments (operational, financial and IT) before arriving within the Business teams. She is working to align all the players in order to define and implement a common strategy to meet the needs of her desks in terms of financial profitability, production and transformation, all within an Agile@scale organisation. In this context of constant search for efficiency, it has participated in the implementation of OKRs since the end of 2018, and has pushed the deployment beyond its department.
Evan is a senior technology and business executive with demonstrated success in CTO, Founder, and VP roles. He's a proven entrepreneur bringing two software companies to IPO, and two firms to exit via sale to public companies. He has built and led a $30mm P+L business and led several organizations with hundreds of highly engaged and innovative knowledge workers. His leadership and management consulting expertise includes product innovation, lean and agile product/software development, and organizational transformation (digital, agile, and devops). He helps companies realize peak performance and competitive advantage. His degrees and certifications include an MBA, MA, Certified Scrum Coach (SA CTC/CEC), SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Enterprise Business Agility Strategist (EBAS), Certified SAFe Lean Portfolio Manager, Certified Agile Leader (SA CAL) and others.