Bernard Coulaty

Bernard Coulaty

Founder @ MOST ENGAGED Senior Professor of Practice @ IESEG School of Management Author of "ENGAGEMENT 4.0" (EMS)

Organizational agility, the new Holy Grail of sustainable workplace engagement

Friday June 18th 09:45 - 10:15 am

In a hyper-connected world that is in search of meaning for the human being's place in the universe, everything militates in favour of defending the business case of commitment as a tool for transformation: "reason for being" workshops, development of cooperation and internal agility, the elimination of silos, the need to invest in resilience to ensure the development of the organization in the face of all kinds of uncertainties.

Far from the fleeting fashions and Ted Talks of management gurus, Bernard Coulaty proposes a path towards a co-production of commitment between staff, teams, managers and the entire organization, whose agility becomes a key asset for economic and social development.

About the speaker

Bernard Coulaty, director of human resources for more than 30 years in France, Europe and then Asia for major French groups with a global dimension (Danone, Pernod Ricard), is a recognized expert in HR engagement and transformation strategies.

Author of 'ENGAGEMENT 4.0' (EMS 2018), he now shares his expertise through his activity as a trainer and consultant. He teaches leadership and human resources management at the IÉSEG School of Management.