Chad Williams

Chad Williams

Business Agility and Innovation Consultant
Be Agile Partner

Agile Transformation Journeys

Thursday June 17th 04:45 - 05:15 pm

Organisations embark on agile transformation journeys for many reasons. The ones that have the best chance of succeeding are the ones that approach the transformation from a business lens and understand what business agility can deliver.

The 14th Annual State of Agile report, historically an IT-based survey is showing an increasing focus on Business Agility.

In fact, the top 5 benefits, according to the report are: Ability to manage changing priorities, Project visibility, Business/IT alignment, Delivery speed/time to market and lastly Team morale.

About the speaker

With his experience in implementing agile at organisations ranging in size from several thousand agile practitioners to a small software development house with 20 employees, Chad Williams will discuss the unique differences and the surprising commonalities that organisations of any size should take into consideration.