Damien Marc
President 4.0 at JPB SYSTEME & KEYPROD

Scaling a family enterprise even during Covid-19 crisis

Following his father's accident, Damien finds himself projected at 23 years old in a role of company manager in a field he does not know: Aeronautical mechanics. In record time, in this reputedly conservative sector, he transforms the small family business into a magnificent international success story and market leader. Simple and pragmatic values around innovation, disruption, mastery of know-how, and export conquest. An exciting adventure perched on pitfalls and recently challenged by the COVID19 crisis which is hitting its sector hard and for which it is taking a very offensive stance.

About the speaker

Damien MARC is CEO of JPB System and Keyprod. 

After high school studies in electronics and industrial information, he obtained his engineering degree at Polytech NANTES in 2003. In 2004, his father fell ill. Damien MARC decides to support him and joins the family business JPB System. His father died in 2006, but despite the difficult context, Damien MARC, then 26 years old, took the decision to find financing and went into heavy debt in order to continue his father's work. Now at the helm, he launched himself into the export market.

He managed to convince several engine manufacturers to equip themselves with his endoscope plugs and self-locking nuts and at the same time developed a design office. Over the years, he continues to make the company grow very quickly thanks to his pragmatism and his close relationship with his teams, to whom he gives a very important place.

Things are speeding up: In 2016, he invests again in robot machines so that operators can concentrate on value-added tasks. Two years later, he opened a 4.0 plant in Poland and in 2019, he was elected "Manager of the Year" at the Aeronautics Trophies and launched KEYPROD, a software that helps manufacturers optimize the performance of their production means.