Danielle Winandy

Danielle Winandy

Head of RISK Innovation Office (Chief Innovation Officer)

It’s all about people

Thursday June 17th 01:30 - 02:00 pm

Organizations don't innovate, it's people who do. Methodologies cannot work without people, without the interactions and connections between each other.
Nowadays, the more technologies we have, the more humanity we need. "It's all about people" is a sharing of experiences about the connections between each other and the different approaches to strengthen the links, motivate, inspire and connect teams so that they can work in total collaboration and in an Agile mode in a much more efficient way.

About the speaker

For nearly 10 years in the innovation field for a major banking group, Danielle is a serial intrapreneur with many concrete projects, dozens of initiatives that aim above all to help others to move forward, to capitalize on the talents and strengths of each individual to make the company better. Danielle is passionate about people, innovation and ESG.