Denis Jacquet

Denis Jacquet

Founder of Day One Movement

Is Agility tribal? Or agility and obesity?

Vendredi 18 Juin 14:30 - 15:00

The body of a large company is too heavy to have any agility.

Politics can trump efficiency. Process and routine can obstruct innovation and progress, risk-taking. Layers of hierarchy stifle the noise from below, and often only allow the noise from above to filter through.

Is it possible for a large company to be Agile?

At the end of the day, for the last 300,000 years or so, Man has only known how to function in a tribal manner, and we must respond to his intimate programming code. Proximity, security, emotion.

About the speaker

Denis Jacquet. HEC 89. Master's degree in business law. Tax lawyer at Baker & Mac Kenzie, directed by Christine Lagarde. Successful creation of his first company H2I, in 1993. Driven by entrepreneurship, he restructured in 1997 and became the number one in distance learning. He then surfed the e-Learning wave with Edufactory, developed in 8 countries, which anchored in him the international credo.

He created “Parrainer la Croissance”, a network dedicated to the growth of SMEs. To show how growth SMEs are the major vectors for the foundation of a prosperous and united society. More than 4000 entrepreneurs.

He contributes to the pigeon movement, and then takes the role of (International) leader of the “Assises de l'Entrepreneuriat” launched by the government and Fleur Pellerin.

Believing that intergenerational skills are the key to the success of society and to the growth of SMEs, he launched with "Parrainer la Croissance", "l'Accélérateur de Croissance", an incubator that migrates seniors from large groups to start-ups and SMEs. He then launched the first colloquium on the intergenerational issue:

Finally, in order to demonstrate the colossal impact of Uberization, he decided to set up the Uberization Observatory. The objective is to prepare France (initially) for digital, by allowing " uberizers and uberized" to define their framework of competition, to propose a vision of the society facing the stakes and upheavals, to make proposals for a political class that does not understand the issues.