Encarna Marquez & Bintou Loum

Encarna Marquez

Chief Digital Officer

Bintou Loum

COO Digital Department

Agility at the service of our fellow citizens: Feedback on the digital transformation at France Télévisions

Thursday June 17th 02:00 - 02:30 pm

Inform, educate, entertain. In a world with an ever-increasing demands and where the real battle is that of time and attention, how can we try to reinvent tomorrow's public TV?
In a world where the addiction to streaming is accelerating the shift towards video, whose frontier with TV is tending to blur more and more, France Télévisions, whose ambition is to become the leading media for all French people, is trying to operate a strategic pivot based on three main principles: innovate in uses and content to reach all French people, strengthen trust in information and develop links with audiences, particularly through territorial anchoring.
While on paper, such a strategy proves to be relevant for an audiovisual group, it requires a profound transformation so that the value chain from end to end by placing audiences at the centre and offering the best experience personalised by each of our fellow citizens.
Within the digital department, this requires an evolution of practices both in managing product delivery by accelerating Time To Market and ensuring value by driving Time To Value. It is this transformation approach that we wish to share with the participants of the Business Agility Conference.

About the speakers

Encarna Marquez, of Spanish origin, an engineer by training (graduate of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Encarna Marquez discovered the French media during her first experience at Altran, as a consultant specialising in the management of structural projects with media sector players.

She joined Canal+ in 2005 as Project Director, then Director of Operations. She then had the responsability to supervise, amongst other things, the organisation of all the group's production and post-production teams, as well as the integration of channels C8 and C17 after their acquisition by Bolloré Group.

In 2015, Encarna Marquez is in charge of the design of a new SVOD platform for the group internationally as Technical Director. Since 2016, she has been Managing Director of STUDIO+, the first international OTT* offer of short series for young audiences. In June 2018, she joined the France Télévisions Group as Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

Bintou Loum, A graduate of the ISC and Sciences Po Paris, Bintou Loum began her career at KPMG Audit as a financial auditor, which enabled her to discover the media sector in particular and to understand its business challenges.

In 2009, she joined the internal audit department of France Télévisions. Her various missions within the group enabled her to acquire a very good knowledge of the different activities and internal processes. She joined the digital department in 2013 as a steering manager to support the growth of digital technical activities. There she discovered agile methodologies, helping to structure and facilitate processes to help teams deliver. In 2018, she takes over the General Secretariat of the Digital Department to set up and supervise a global management approach for all activities (product, marketing, IT, data, innovation).

In 2019, she is appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) to manage and lead all teams across the board, and to structure the strong growth of digital activities with strong challenges in terms of change management.