Lomig Unger

Lomig Unger

Head of Experience Lab

OKR as a leverage for structuring innovation activities

Thursday June 17th 02:00 - 02:30 pm

The implementation of an "OKR" approach within AstraZeneca's Transformation and Innovation Department started at the beginning of 2021. This conference offers you a detailed review of the implementation steps, the challenges, the difficulties encountered and the benefits.
As the implementation of this approach was concomitant with a reorganization, the talk will focus on the organizational impacts of OKR, and on the adaptation of OKR to the specific culture of AstraZeneca France. OKR is one of the leverages allowing us to support the structuring of the innovation function.

About the speaker

Lomig Unger is in charge of the Experience Lab at AstraZeneca France. A physicist by training, he is a specialist in the processes of design, creativity and organization of innovation. He coaches employees in structuring their projects or responsibilities during the discovery steps.