Marina Alex
Creator of SWAY (Sales with Agile system)

Agile in sales is a competitive advantage

Would you like to learn how Agile helped to triple sales while keeping the same people and budget?

Would you like to learn how an Agile sales team created more than 300 process improvements in a single year?

Would you like to learn how to overcome common obstacles when implementing Agile in your Sales teams?

In her presentation, Marina Alex will introduce SWAY (Sales with Agile) which is being used to improve sales around the world; from America to Russia to Thailand! She will explain why Agile in sales is a competitive advantage that is hard to copy. By sharing examples and case studies, Marina will show you how to get started with your sales teams today.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Why do you need Agile in your sales teams
  2. How to implement Agile in sales through SWAY
  3. Understand how to overcome the obstacles you may face along the way

About the speaker

As an entrepreneur, management consultant, and agile coach, Marina pioneered the practice of Agile Sales and specializes in building sustainable and robust agile organizations. She is an accomplished sales executive and, over time, has learned what it means to be a true servant leader to sales teams. Under her guidance, her teams regularly outperform all other teams, exceed their sales targets, and enjoy coming to work.

Over the last 6 years, Marina has developed an innovative sales technique based on business agility principles and practices. She has successfully implemented this in 4 major organizations across Russia (in the banking, insurance, healthcare, and hospitality industries). The most recent of these increased their sales performance from 43% to over 120% of target.

Marina’s extensive sales background gives her a unique understanding of how business works – allowing her to uniquely solve complex cultural and business problems. During this time, she has launched more than 170 agile teams and coached more than 50 top-executives.

Marina is the author of SWAY (Sales with Agile) which helps many sales teams across the world today.