Maylis Forveille

Maylis Forveille

IT Group Manager Professional and Executive Coach

Teamwork & Future Vision

Vendredi 18 Juin 13:30 - 14h00

Where cohesion unites, objectives federates. Translating the company's vision for the future into strategic objectives engages the team in a vast collective project that aligns the organisation’s vision with team’s & individual’s one.
Managing this dynamic has become a major challenge to promote the value creation. It is therefore interesting to wonder about the leverages allowing to connect all these energies in order to develop the human potential.

About the speaker

Maylis is a manager for almost 15 years in a large banking group, she likes to wonder about the contribution of team dynamics in the self-organization of companies. This journey led her to obtain a professional coaching certification in 2018; which in turn allowed her to better understand the organisations’ systems in order to better use it in her daily life as a manager.