Myles Hopkins
CEO of BeAgile

Normal is so 2019 – Celebrating the New Abnormal

There is nothing normal about the new world we find ourselves in. Our markets have changed. Consumer behaviours have changed. Economic and political power has changed. With every significant disruption comes opportunity and this talk will focus on how organizations will need to change rapidly and exponentially to survive and thrive. Business agility is the key recipe for this transformation.


We see many organisations talking about the Post-COVID world as “The New Normal”. We have a different take on that and that is that there will be nothing normal about this exciting new world. The markets and consumer patterns have shifted so dramatically that it is only those organisations that are able to anticipate and adapt to these shifts that will be well positioned to first survive and then thrive in this abnormal world.

This new world opens up a great many new opportunities for organisations that are able to identify and then harness these opportunities. The challenge many organisations have had in the past is that they have being playing in a 21st century, digitally driven economy with a set of outdated management techniques. COVID-19 has created a perfect storm where organisations have to make an exponential change to the way they manage their organisations that matches the exponential change that is happening in the market place.

The organisations that will thrive and survive in our highly disruptive world are those that build in the agility, adaptability, resilience and mindset to meet the wants and needs of their targeted client segments and operate at the “speed of first to market” – now and into the future. The foundation of operating in this manner will be delivered through leaders, employees and ecosystem partners that work in a cohesive and mutually supportive manner. They will drive an ever-evolving organisation that learns and improves for the benefit of all.


  1. There is nothing normal about our new world
  2. This new world has created significant opportunities for organisations that are willing and able to adapt
  3. Speed to innovation and market are essential
  4. The way we lead and work within organisations requires an exponential paradigm shift
  5. How to build a Transformational Company
  6. How to set up a Strategic Impact Centre

About the speaker

Myles Hopkins is a business agility influencer and leads the Business Agility community in Africa and the Middle East. He is the founder of Be Agile and has been a globally respected consultant for the past 19 years. He focuses on partnering with organizations to develop clear and actionable strategies, core adaptability and agility, and the innovative and engaged culture needed to deliver high impact results.