Philippe Auther

Philippe Auther

Co-Founder Howard Partners


Friday June 18th 04:15 - 04h45 pm

The concept of autonomy is the fuel of the company's agility, that is to say in its ability to make each employee, from manager to operator, aware of their individual responsibility for the benefit of a group, the organisation. Autonomy is not independence, anarchy. Autonomy is also not passive adherence to a “doxa”, a form of self-censorship.

Developing autonomy cannot be ordained. It needs to be stimulated. It needs to be fed. To do this, many leverages are available to a manager. Businesses should not be liberated. Individuals must be set free.

About the speaker

Co-founder of “Howard Partners”, a consulting firm, Philippe Auther presents a professional career of almost 30 years, in management positions, in banking institutions and in large consulting firms. Defining himself as an "objectivist", Philippe likes to adopt a holistic approach to subjects and to propose innovative side tracks.

He has also been teaching ESCP Business School students for over 15 years.