Sally Elatta
CEO of AgilityHealth®

The Business Agility Journey

Executives and business leaders are eager to achieve Business Agility and avoid disruption. Agile provides powerful tools and new behaviors but it's a means to an end, not the destination. So... what exactly is Business Agility? It’s the ability to adapt to change, learn and pivot, deliver at speed, and thrive in a competitive market. Why? Because gone are the days when big companies eat small companies. Today, the fast are eating the slow. Sally Elatta, CEO of AgilityHealth®, will share how to accelerate the journey towards Business Agility.


  1. What is Business Agility?
  2. Why Now: “Accelerate Your Business Agility Journey” video (5 min)
  3. Where to Start?

About the speaker

Sally is a thought leader in the space of Enterprise Business Agility and Measurement. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker who advises top executives of leading global enterprises through their Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) transformations. Sally is passionate about enabling larger enterprises to achieve true business agility, and take Agile and Lean practices outside of technology-only teams to thrive in an ever-changing market. She strongly believes in measuring what matters, and that measurement without growth is effort without impact. These guiding principles inspired the creation of AgilityHealth®, the world’s leading measurement and continuous improvement platform for organizations.