Marina Alex
Creator of SWAY (Sales with Agile system)


A great opportunity to obtain tools, techniques, and knowledge about SWAY (Sales with Agile). You will learn how to transform the Sales department to be Agile.


SWAY is a new sales development system that is founded on personal leadership, cross-functionality, and a value-based approach.
SWAY is suitable for target-oriented companies who are interested in creating real discernible value and satisfaction for their customers.
SWAY rests on the Scrum framework and Agile philosophy as well as a coaching-based approach and leadership principles.
SWAY enjoys an almost immediate positive impact in sales with significant increases in sales reported in the first 6 months: all due to the efficiency of the system and full engagement of the employees.

SWAY is based on the following principles:

  • Continuous self-development
  • Discipline and target orientation
  • Love for people/customers

During this workshop, we will cover:

  • Key SWAY tools and techniques
  • Understand how SWAY intersects with traditional Agile
  • Adapting methods of flexible business technologies (tested in actual business environments) to increase sales leading to high employee engagement and optimum customer satisfaction
  • Discover «Here and Now» practices
  • We ensure that there is an individual approach to each programme participant augmented through interaction and support in a closed group

Course coverage includes:

Business agility: understanding agile business – overview and introduction 

  • Introduction. Business agile values and principles
  • Key reasons for adopting agile. Agile Manifesto. Values and Principles. Why is the Business world interested in agile? Business Agility Definition
  • The differences between the traditional business model and the business agility model
  • Agile outside IT: needs, reasons and adaptation difficulties

SWAY-system: Sales with agile, Part 1 

  • SWAY: the foundation – principles and rules
  • Roles in SWAY: Business owner, SWAY coach, SWAY team
  • Crucial factors and tools for distributed teams
  • Analysis of the team’s ability for business agility transformation: Spiral Dynamics
  • What stage of Spiral Dynamics is agile possible at? What stage of Spiral Dynamics is your team at?

SWAY-system: Sales with agile, Part 2 

  • Events
  • Planning
  • Demo
  • retrospective
  • SWAY Artefacts: Quarterly plan of 3-month goals, a list of sprint goals, list of improvements
  • Agile-space. How to prepare an agile space for a new team
  • SWAY in practice: SWAY cases in business (marketing, sales, etc)

SWAY-system: Sales with agile, Part 3 

  • SWAY Canvas: value-based approach to sales management
  • Traditional and agile sales: key differences
  • SWAY as an interdisciplinary system
  • SWAY adaptation to different types of sales (B2C, B2B) FMCG, push-pull sales, sales of service and franchises, online sales, special event sales, complex and longer sales. Agile sales funnel

SWAY-system: Sales with agile, Part 4 

  • Types of motivation in agile sales: OKR development for agile sales
  • Case-study analysis. Mistakes and difficulties
  • Positive and negative stress
  • Change management. The change curve and steps supporting success of the team
  • The formula for change